The directive v-font is used to integrate the fonts defined in the module options into the website.

To do this, the respective font must be retrieved via the $getFont method contained in the component scope (e.g. this).

Fonts are specified by family, weight and style and can be limited to elements and viewports via the options (media, selector).

Normally the directive activates the fonts only when the viewport is reached. It is recommended to use the property critical for components that are already initially contained in the viewport.

With critical component the fonts are preloaded and are initially active.
More information on critical components can be found here.

For multiple fonts, a list (Array) can be passed.

<!-- single definition -->
<element v-font="$getFont(…)">

<!-- multiple definitions -->
<element v-font="[
Currently it is not possible to use v-font in combination with v-html/v-text directives. The reason is a bug in Vue SSR, the directive is not applied. As long as this error exists, you can look here for workarounds.
Read more: vue-server-renderer: directive not applied to imported component.

$getFont(family, [weight, style, options])

$getFont is included as a plugin and can be accessed via any component scope.
Use $getFont in the v-font directive and create the relevant font definition.

familyStringyesFont-Family e.g. Custom Font
weightString, NumberFont-Style e.g. normal, italic400
styleStringFont-Weight e.g. 400, normalnormal
optionsObjectMedia & Selector Options see more


Each definition can be modified in its behaviour via the options.
With the property media, the call of the font definition can be made dependent on the viewport. The property selector can be used to limit the font to elements (e.g. span, .class).

  media: '(min-width: 768px)',
  selector: 'element, .elm, .elm:before'
mediaStringCSS Media Query e.g. (min-width: 768px)
selectorStringCSS Selector e.g. element, .elm, .elm:before


Basic Usage

<element v-font="$getFont('Font Family', 700)">Text…</element>

Advanced Usage

  // Font wird auf alles angewendet
  $getFont('Font Family A'),

  // Font wird auf `b` und `strong` Tags angwendet
  $getFont('Font Family B', 700, 'normal', { selector: 'b, strong' }),

  // Font erscheint erst ab Viewport `>768px`
  $getFont('Font Family B', 400, 'normal', { media: '(min-width: 768px)' }),

  // Font wird auf `b` und `strong` Tags angwendet und erscheint erst ab Viewport `>768px`
  $getFont('Font Family B', 700, 'normal', { selector: 'b, strong', media: '(min-width: 768px)' })



Workarounds to prevent bugs with default nuxt components and directives, read more in Usage.

Use component


  <nuxt-link to="/" v-font="$getFont(…)">Back</nuxt-link>


  <nuxt-link to="/">
    <span v-font="$getFont(…)">Back</span>

Use v-html/v-text


    <div v-font="$getFont(…)" v-html="…" />


  <div v-font="$getFont(…)">
    <div v-html="…" />